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Roof Restoration

Please read the list below of common myths regarding roof restoration....
D don't be fooled!

Due to the high number of disreputable companies involved in "Roof Restoration" we do not as such offer this service.

Although Honey's Roofing will not re-colour your tiles we can pressure clean your existing Terracotta roof tiles and repair ridge cappings to give your old roof a real lift.

If you are considering having your roof restored contact us first to find out if your tiles are suitable for this process. Many roofs are not and you may be surprised at the competitive prices we can offer for a new roof or effective cleaning.

Beware of false and misleading statements:
Honey's Roofing is very aware of the fact that homeowners are sometimes approached by some roof restoration companies who confront them with false and misleading statements such as the following:

"Weathering of the original surface coating makes old tile porous"
This is untrue. Concrete tiles actually become less porous over time.
"Moss and lichen can eat into tiles thereby weakening them"
This statement is totally false. Lichen and moss do not affect the strength of your tiles.
"After a certain number of years concrete tiles need repairing"
Not true - your concrete tiles can be expected to waterproof your home well in excess of 50 years.
"Your roof will collapse if your tiles continue to soak up rain water"
This, like the other statements above is quite simply false.


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